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Kagepro Meme

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 17, 2014, 8:25 PM
Stolen from :iconpaanda-tan:


[ ] You're often the leader in groups.
[x] You're flat-chested.  (no boobs does that count?//slapped)
[ ] You have long hair.
[X] You always listen to music. Wherever you go.
[/] You get scared easily. (depends)
[/] You hate roller coasters. (depends)
[x] You have a friend who makes you peeved most of the time.
[ ] You used to have a rich family.
[X] You get ignored easily.
[/] Your default face scares people. (my mom gets scared)

Total= 5.5


[x] You're two-faced.
[/] You often lie.
[X] You love to make fun of your friends.
[x] You're blunt sometimes.
[X] People can make you laugh easily.
[/] You can trick others easily.
[x] You have an aloof personality.
[x] You would always smile/smirk wherever you go.
[ ] You have blonde hair.
[/] You like masks. (depends on the mask)

Total= 7.5


[x] You're always smiling.
[x] Sometimes, you're protective over a certain someone.
[x] You love any kinds of animals.
[/] You love nature.
[x] Your phone is white.
[x] Your favorite color is green. (one of them)
[/] You're a kind-hearted person. (act like it now and then)
[/] You can make friends easily.
[ ] You worked as a florist before.
[x] You love to explore.  

Total= 7.5


[ ] You cry easily.
[ ] You have a low stamina.
[ ] You feel guilty easily.
[ ] You freak out a lot.
[ ] You're a very shy person.
[x] You're short. (only because my friends are giants!)
[/] You're very clumsy. (depends)
[x] At most times, you're dependant on a certain friend of yours.
[x] You're a Fujoshi/Support yaoi.
[ ] Your favorite anime is/used to be Kuroshitsuji.

Total = 3.5


[ ] You're always the head of attention.
[/] You can sing.
[ ] You want to be an idol.
[x] You almost drowned.
[ ] You usually tie your hair to a side tail.
[x] You often wear a hoodie.
[ ] You usually have no friends.
[ ] You have a taste in fashion.  
[ ] You fail your biology test.
[ ] You have big cleavage. (no boobs)

Total = 2.5


[/] You're a hikkomori (to my family)
[ ] You're a NEET.  
[X] You had someone close to you die.
[/] You have an apathetic personality. (to my family)
[/] You regret things easily.
[/] You're easy to annoy.
[/] You would die without the internet. (I would feel sad because I couldn't contact my internet friends)
[ ] You compose music.
[/] You dislike roller coasters and haunted houses. (second part because of reasons)
[/] You have an obsession with carbonated drinks.

Total= 4.5


[x] You're a naive/cheeky person.
[x] You like to prank and annoy people.
[ ] You often tie your hair to twin-tails style.
[ ] You used to be crabby.
[ ] You get sick easily.
[x] You're extremely noisy.
[ ] You have a crush on your classmate.
[ ] Your innocent friend often annoys you.
[ ]  You have blue eyes.
[ ] You're an expert at playing certain games.

Total = 3


[/] You're the shortest among your friends. (second or third.... I hope)
[/] You own a sleeveless hoodie and often wear it. (own one, don't wear it that much though)
[/] You get scared by road accidents.
[ ] Someone close to you has died in a road accident.
[ ] You're mature. (HAHAHAHA)
[ ] You used to stalk a certain person.
[x] You have brown eyes.
[ ] Your favorite vegetable is a pumpkin.
[ ] You think your name is weird.  
[ ] You can see things far away.

Total= 2.5


[/] You play baseball.  (played)
[/] You fall asleep easily. (depends)
[x] You love barbecue.
[ ] You tie your hair to a ponytail.
[x] You don't care much about other people's thoughts.  
[ ] You get sick easily.
[X] You love drawing.
[x] You're sadistic.
[x] You're two-faced.
[/] You like to watch people suffer. 

Total= 6.5


[X] You love snakes.
[/] You like the Medusa folklore. (it's interesting I'll give it that)
[x] You're pretty short. (.........)
[ ] You hate humans.
[ ] Your favorite word is 'xxx'  (???)
[ ] Your birthday falls on August.
[x] You can be caring if you want.
[ ] You have long, curly hair.
[ ]  You like red ribbons.
[x] You like black cats.

Total= 4.5


[x] You bring happiness to most people. (well I mostly annoy the shit out of them, but they smile and laugh so I guess that works too)
[ ] You love to smile.
[ ] You oftenly wear a red scarf around.
[/] You attempted suicide. (thought about it)
[/] You make paper cranes. (used to be able to)
[ ] Your mom died.
[x] You're a cheerful person. And you're always smiling and having fun.
[x] You often call yourself 'stupid'.
[ ] You often score low grades.
[ ] You have a crush on your classmate.

Total= 4


[/] You get tired easily.
[ ] You're a kind, and a stern person.
[ ] You're a/used to work as a teacher.
[ ] You would always do anything to get what you wanted.
[ ] You lost your family.
[/]  You have brown hair and black eyes.
[X] You wear glasses.
[ ] You're often portrayed as the bad guy.
[X] You get bored easily.
[ ] You lack sleep.

Total = 3


[x] You almost/got into a road accident.
[x] You're young. (I consider 17 young enough)
[ ] You used to have a stalker.
[ ] You own a pet cat.
[ ] You hate summer. (but why????)
[/] You love the city. (has it's moments)
[x] You're active and stubborn.
[ ] You have a sister.
[ ] You have pigtailed hair.
[ ] You wear a pink dress.  

Total = 3.5

Kido: 5.5
Kano: 7.5
Seto: 7.5
Mary: 3.5
Momo: 2.5
Shintaro: 4.5
Ene/Takane: 3
Hibiya: 2.5
Konoha/Haruka/Kuroha: 6.5
Azami: 4.5
Ayano: 4
Kenjirou: 3
Hiyori: 3.5

Kano and Seto. Huh that's cool :D

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  • Reading: ALL THE MANGA
  • Watching: Free!!, Tokyo Ghoul, Hunterx Hunter and others
  • Playing: drawing
  • Eating: rice
  • Drinking: mango juice

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