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Hello fellow deviants, How do you do? :handshake:

Let me introduce myself. I'm called many things, Thief (not of art), Bookworm, Idiot, Ninja, etc. But in here, just call me Warr.
Anyway, you stumbled on to my page some how, well let me tell you that all of this stuff is just all over the place. It's mostly random pictures of things, random drawings, and random stories. So look around, if you find something nice :+fav: it and if you wanna see more of me :+devwatch: me. Which I would not understand if you do, I suck///shot

What else did I want to say? OH! I'm a reader, writer, lover of music, doodler, imaginator, fighter, dreamer, comedian, kelpto, consider cute but deadly at the same time, and a lot of other things.
I love books like Divergent, the Percy Jackson Series, The Lost Hero Series, the Cirque Du Freak series, and a bunch more. But I most read manga now a days. Also I'm such a nerd. A bit of a gamer nerd, but mostly a nerd about anything. And I get over excited A LOT. And I made up this 'saying' for myself.
To Be Brave, I Must Fight
To Be Peaceful, I Must Forgive
To Be Honest, I Must Speak
To Be Smart, I Must Understand
To Be Caring, I Must Be Selfless
I Believe, I Must Make The Choice
And Face My Fears In Order To Survive
Pretty stupid huh, but I like it. It was INFLUENCED to me by the book Divergent. Again LOVE THAT BOOK. But yeah. The rest below are just random stuff. Because like I said I'm pretty random.



One Piece stamp by MariaPereiraTogether - stamp by Hele-JaguarOP: ASL Fan Stamp by Yamineftis
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On a scale of 1-10, how intimidating am I? (stolen from Mango and Sama) 

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My DA Story

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 10, 2014, 1:07 PM
Ha, can't believe I've been on here for three years. Man, I have to say each year held something special to my heart.

Year 1:
I joined DA because a couple of my friends were one it and they said it was a good place to see other art styles, techniques, and it was overall a cool place. This was also around the time I was about to being my freshman year in high school. I remember my first piece, I did it in the da muro thing and I used a mouse. I was just goofing around but oh god this was the result:
Friends Forever by Natural-NW
I can draw better than this guys I swear!
Then I also started doing a started writing up a story. It was just something I thought was fun at the time, and my mind was like 'this is a cool idea that isn't weird or stupid at all!' Hehehe oh 14 year old me. You're so silly, but the story was called 'Zodiac' and well it's about the chinese zodiac descendants and they have to go up against an evil clan called the '13 Claws' I think. It's been a really long time so I have no idea to be honest XD.
Zodiac: Prologue and Chapter 1 (editted)Okay, when you start reading this book there is no turning back. I MEANT IT! Your life is in danger once you begin to learn what is happening around you. It is fierce and dangerous.
Now, don't go saying 'oh this is just another story this isn't real and what they do and say isn't real and blah blah blah blah blah.' Well this is real. I should know, cause I have scars and broken bones to prove it!
Anyway if you feel like the stuff in the book has some sort of connection to your life. Then you could be one of us. When I mean one of us, I mean like you are stronger than others, faster than others, smarter than others etc. You aren't really like us because there is only 12 kids with our kind of talents, but you are close to being us.
Oh how rude am I. I didn't even introduce myself. My name is Leo. I am 14 years old, have a tannish skin tone, I'm average height and dark brown hair that just doesn't know how to stay in place. Yeah seem like a normal teenager right? Wrong, I am also a  

Through this though, I was able to met some really cool people :iconfinallegacy1: and :iconklumos13: They helped me a bit while I was writing and I made a few tweaks to the story. 
I also started getting in TLK a lot. It was my favorite movie and I found a lot of people that liked it like I did. I ended up starting to roleplay, even made my own OC. I met some really cool people like :iconaina-arts:, :iconcrashspyro98:, :iconlaryssadesenhista:. Man those role plays were fun.

Year Two: 
So I'm starting to get the hang of DA now. Uploading more photos and better drawings. I drifted a bit away from TLK and went into the Pokemon part of DA. Specifically Nuzlocke. It was one day during winter break for my sophomore year, I was bored and what happened? I stumbled into a chat for a group called :iconcafe-au-nuzlocke: with these nerds: :iconafarmernamedjack::iconicontroldragons::iconforeverisbutamoment::iconsnapplecrackers::icontellala::iconvegeto987::iconlink-mini::icongigaworks::iconminarui:
They not only showed me a different view on pokemon, but we ended up doing a lot of weird things within the group. I love them to death, but at the same time they can piss me off so much. But yeah that's friends for ya. I mean my friends in real life aren't any better. Yeah that's right guys: :iconchococat830::iconcutypie9978: :icondigicharm04::icondragonflyer139::iconeccentricghost::iconichirukibiggestfan::iconmasuyoaraki::iconrecklesswizard231::iconcaktopus::iconbdls3::iconoriginalsoftty34::iconeternal-phoenix-101: I seemed to have a habit of attracting a lot of people that are just little shits most of the time.
Anyway, this continues for like the next year. Leading me to.....

Right now, I'm not doing much. Just finishing up junior year and heading over to become a senior. Still goofing off, working on AP art, derping with the people I said above. Though I did join some other groups. Like :iconrivoka-symdrome: I met a lot of cool people when I joined the Scouts. A bunch of cuties and derps: iconxLittleXRavenx::iconsamagirl::iconarty-ikko::iconnuaaah::iconbloodlustingcreature:
Also joined a group called :icondramaticalpokemon: and I've been rping with a bunch of cool people. Still new to it though, but hopefully I'll get the hang of it.
But yeah, that's my story, god damn I wrote a lot of shit people probably won't give two shits about. Anyway, thanks for 3 amazing years guys, can't wait for what's in store for the future!

Now I have to go back and cram a ton of AP homework before school starts, which is in like two days. Wish me luck!

  • Mood: Zeal
  • Listening to: Anime openings
  • Reading: ALL THE MANGA
  • Watching: Free!!, Tokyo Ghoul, Hunterx Hunter and others
  • Playing: drawing like me life depends on it (fun game)
  • Eating: sandwich
  • Drinking: water

Honorable Scoutmates

My Honorable Captain: :iconxlittlexravenx:
My Little Helper: :iconsamagirl:
My Master of Silliness: :iconarty-ikko:
My rival Chief Assistant :iconnuaaah:
My Seme lover Chief :iconbloodlustingcreature:

Nuzlocker Team

The Sane One: :iconafarmernamedjack:
The Loving Mother: :iconicontroldragons:
The Bad jokes bringer: :iconforeverisbutamoment:
The Hardworking Bird: :iconsnapplecrackers:
The ’I’m going to find you and smack you’: :icontellala:
The carrot: :iconvegeto987:
The silent observer: :iconlink-mini:
The Mime: :icongigaworks:
The Busy Bee: :iconminarui:

Real Life Crazies

Silly Sensei: :iconchococat830:
Satan’s Stand-in: :iconcutypie9978:
Giggling Cosplayer: :icondigicharm04:
Creative Crafter: :icondragonflyer139:
Wise Light: :iconeccentricghost:
Sassy Bunny: :iconichirukibiggestfan:
Caring Fangirl: :iconmasuyoaraki:
Nerdy Wizard: :iconrecklesswizard231:
Fabulous Derp: :iconcaktopus:
Nutty Gamer: :iconbdls3:
Neko Geek: :iconoriginalsoftty34:
Insane Freshie: :iconeternal-phoenix-101:


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